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should i call this cute or Beautiful Kevin XD


maybe i can call him both !!! yah both !!

he is cute and beautiful oh and + handsome at the same time XD

pic source:

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[Pics] The craziest guy on Twitter Land (Xander) XD

hahah the one who always love to eat haha =))


source: xanders twitter =))

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Chinese Orchestra Playing Kpop hits =)

after watching this… my jaw dropped WOW =))



[Aegyo’s GIFts] Shocked Xander =)

so cute xander oppa =)

CR: aegyoworld

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Intensity in Manila (pics)[Rain and UKiss]

wow many fans really did enjoy this night ^^

photos from Evangeline Alonzo

all credits to her =)

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Posted by on September 12, 2010 in RAin, UKiss


Intensity in Manila (Ukiss)

Xander dances to secret’s Magic =)

ukiss sang “end of the road”by boys2men

mworago =))

credits to aegyoworl and michpink =)

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U-Kiss in Manila 2

want more?? haha here..

hope you enjoy it…

wow lucky fan and cute kevin =))

Credits: TePei


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