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Minho’s pants or key’s pants

are the pants the same or minho has one and Key has another..

well if it’s the same it’s quite cute to see them share clothes because it really reflects that

they love each member =))

check the pic below

this was taken during the Phil korean friendship festival

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Cool Hottest =)) (updatedx4)

have you seen the pics that  Khun, Junsu and taecyeon posted in their twitter.. then chansung also posted one =))

then after a few minutes junho came =))

its really cool check it out

From Teacyeon

From Junsu

from Nichkhun

From Chansung

From Junho

they are evaporating one by one

then they are all gone hahhah

they said that it is to be continued..and posted this pic

but then it’s cool right?? on how they planned this pic and make a story ahhaha =))

hahah excited to know if what will happen next =))


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Jonghyun Screenshot =)

a screen shot from the making of Shinee’s one fine day =))

credits aegyoworld

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